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With every up-coming new year, courses and workshops are planned.

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About The Rose School

The Rose School presents inspirational courses and workshops, both at the School and on Zoom Conference.

Enter into a journey of self-discovery

Develop your intuition

Become your true self

Become a source of abundance

Be able to make a difference.

Continually striving to discover new and innovative methods of healing, my passion for healing started in 1994. I experienced one coincidence after another, until there I was, healing people with crystals. It has been a fascinating and rewarding journey.

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Crystal Therapy Courses

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Our Inspiration

The Rose School was formed in 2006 from an inspired verse:

Picture a rose
Dew drops nestling upon its petals
Their light enhancing its majestic form
Like children, vibrant life
Nurtured by nature’s
Everlasting imagery of perfected beauty
Love captured
Heartfelt echoes of eternal youth
Andrew Carter

Courses & Workshops

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I can provide

An acceleration in spiritual growth.

Solutions to life’s problems.

Expand your creativity.

Healing for mind, body and spirit.

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The Rose School

New Inspiration

New inspiration is a continuing factor in all these courses, whether that is a one-day workshop on crystals, the twelve-month Professional Crystal Therapy Diploma course, or the more expansive Spiritual Development, self-development, meditation and healing courses. Your development is part of the journey, regardless of which course you may choose.

Crystal Therapy Courses

To date – 2021

The Rose School has eleven professional certified courses registered with the Complimentary Medical Association.

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